Values and Ethos

Milton on Stour CE VA Primary School Mission Statement

Our School Motto, which underpins everything at Milton is:

Believing, Achieving and Growing Together.

Our Christian values are:

  • Believing
  • Achieving
  • Growing
  • Together
  • Love
  • Hope
  • Responsibility
  • Wisdom
  • Respect
  • Creativity
  • Community


We deliver our motto and values through developing the whole school community as life-long learners

Milton Learning Power

Our approach to this is our Milton Learning Power B.A.G Our Bag of Learning Tools.

These are taught to the children through our B.A.G of learning tools:

B.A.G : Believing, Achieving and Growing Together.

We teach the Milton Learning Powers (MLP) through the symbolic items associated with the bag:-

Respect = The Bag. Treating living and non-living things with respect. Showing and understanding how to be respectful and show respect for ourselves.

Reflective = The Rake. Thinking back over things/going through things carefully to learn from past experiences or consider ideas from things we have done, seen or spoken about.

Keep Trying = The Watering can. Having a can-do approach to everything, never giving up - developing perseverance.

Teamwork = Secateurs. Working together with others, all contributing equally.

Belief = The Dibber. Having belief that all things are possible (symbolic of growing seeds).

Digging Deep = The Trowel. Developing questioning skills, thinking about what new information would be helpful/could be learnt by digging deeper with our problem solving, reasoning questioning and thinking skills.