All of the Milton uniform is available from 'FlipAnt' which has recently moved premises and is now located at 6 Clive House,  High Street, Gillingham, SP8 4QT (down the alleyway between Prime Cuts and Nourish).


  • Grey (or charcoal) trousers, shorts, a grey skirt or pinafore, (A red/white check dress can be worn in the summer).
  • White polo* or ordinary white shirt (Year 6 blue shirt and tie).
  • Maroon sweatshirt or fleece with Milton logo (not hoodie - only for PE use).
  • Black shoes (No boots) or sturdy sandals.
  • Dark socks or grey tights.
  • Cap*.

 The children will need a coat or jacket for outdoor play, breaktime, lunchtime and everyday class activities.

PE Kit

  • PE bag* with drawstring top
  • Black (or navy) shorts
  • Maroon t-shirt with Milton logo
  • Trainers
  • Football boots and shinpads (Year 3 and above)
  • Tracksuit (for winter games)

 Also available are: Milton book bags, showerproof/reversible fleece. Milton Hoodie (only for PE use not in place of school sweatshirt of cardigan).(*These items are available with the Milton school logo)

Please ensure that all uniform is clearly named!

No jewellery to be worn in school except watches and plain, small gold/silver stud earrings. These need to be taken out or taped for PE. No extreme haircuts including tram lines or coloured hair. All hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back. Nail varnish is not allowed.